Ministry Magazine (for SDA Ministers) Front Cover August 1990

Ministry Magazine

The first form that stands out is the three globes that ar on the right and left and under the feet of the idol of Jesus these are the three downward points of a star of solomon star of israel the three upward points are all but hidden these are the hand sign, the old mans face and the crown of babylon essentialy these are not ecuminical symbology but kabbalistic / illuminati / luciferian. As adventist , reformed adventist, proper protestants and messanic's such as myself we all know the power behind the vatican is satan and these are the symbols of that kingdom. This is a luciferian invitation to the sda church to those that understand how satans kingdom speaks just like the vatican speaks ex cathedra these are symbols of endurance and uninterupted power the icons of the cross and the icons of the jewish minorah and the icon under the feet of Jesus that shadow is predicting the shadow of Jesus, the antichrist , one who comes in place of Jesus, one who follows after solomon one who worships powers, turning around to the up thrust triangle, the woman, the man's face and the icon of God and his manifestation on earth take a side track here, what is on Jesus left and what is on Jesus right there are alot of things !!!!!!

Principaly let me explain this the man, mens desires and mens passions are on the left and women womens desires and womens heart breaks are on the right hand of the icon of Jesus. Now let me take you to an old religon that predates all of judeo christian , it is called magna matter it was a feminin god. It had blood baptisms and it taught many forms of female sexuality to controll masses. It is the force behind all of wicca and it forms the basis of babylonian mother harlot religon interesting - yeah, scary, at first, dont get overwhelmed. Now when solomon brought babylon into judaeism it was created as kabbalism, gnosis and black witchcraft and these forms are here just like there are three planets around each of the downward triangle ( it is called downward thrust) (( the planets i am researching) there are three icons around the up thrust on the left of the iconiture (painting) there are three forms of woman hood the old grand dam (benegesseret=jewish/kabbilist words for from between the magna matter womanhood is from between the legs of a woman (blacks law version 4) the birthing mother and her ofspring and the hope of regaining all authority the abused girl child partialy clothed and ritualisticly abused, one who is a perfect accolyte for the sisterhood on the righof the iconiture to the left of the icon of jesus as viewed from Jesus the old man, Jehovah , his religon and his tormented followers who chastize themselves for sin the ones who screwed up the perfect feminine world and the curse of all who hung on a tree on fist blush it seems a diffrent picture dosent it the men who follow magna matter and her babylon and her world goverment are reincarnated and the women of Jehovah are tortured. This pictograph is at least nine layers deep. I can ferrit about four layers but i can see the out lines of the image with this poor quality. I would say there are images in relief in the bottom light under the feet and the crecent of darkness and behind the icon of Jesus in the sky there is a backwards image that i cannot pull out from the man at the bottom right this puzzle of babylon god has exposed in deut 5:all and exodus 20:all. They are called the ten comandments we are looking at a picture of the Sun the moon and the stars

Why is the back ground black clouds, why is the floor white squares what is the pillow and sword, why is an angel putting a new babys body into a old soul (reincarnation)