SDA Preacher declaring "God says" we should not keep the "Jewish Sabbath"

The following message has been presented in Seventh Day Adventist Churches in Southern California

Pictured here is Dr. Hughes and his wife, Sondra, graduate of Loma Linda University at Riverside, and owner of several successful retail stores in Lake Arrowhead, CA
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Dr. Herschel Hughes former professor at Loma Linda University, and current member of the Loma Linda University Church has declared the below message from the Loma Linda pulpit to be, and I quote, "AN URGENT MESSAGE FROM GOD TO: THE SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH" If you "click here" you can actually listen to his entire 29:39 minute sermon. If you are a Bible believing Christian YOU WILL BE SHOCKED to hear what the SDA church is now allowing to be proclaimed from their University pulpits as "messages from God." I am praying this will cause many to finally leave this fallen church.

By the way, this man that is being allowed to preach this message in the SDA churches is actually a small business owner. He owns a small chain of successful retail stores in Arrowhead California. He admits he is not a full time minister, and at the same time he claims God has spoken an audible message to which he was "commanded" to preach to the SDA churches.

If you do not want to listen to the entire message, I have an edited version on the server that starts around the time he starts to relay his "message" from God. Just click here to listen in whatever audio software you have as "default" on your system. You can also read along word for word with the transcript below.

(If you listen to the MP3 of this sermon, the following "message" starts 23:47 into the 29:39 minute sermon.)

I am the Lord thy God and those of you from the Seventh-day Adventist Church are dearly loved by me, but you are a stiff-necked,prideful people, who have provoked my wrath. For I have sent to you many messengers of truth. But you have stubbornly refused to respond to their testimony and you are arrogantly continuing to defy my will. The end is near, so I give you this final warning. You must return to your Christian roots and abandon the false teaching that it is my will that you should observe and make the Jewish Sabbath the focus of end-time events and an issue of salvation. This is , for the Sabbath was part of the old covenant I made exclusively for the Jews and as Gentiles it is not yours to claim. But I have given all people (Jews and Gentiles alike) who believe and follow me, a new covenant, which is the inheritance of eternal life, freely given, by my blood and by my grace, through faith, and which also includes the guidance and empowerment of my Spirit but includes no allowance for any legalisms from the old Jewish covenant. My JEWS celebrate my creation but my Christians celebrate my blood. You must also abandon the false teaching that you call the investigative judgment, as it denies the completed redemption of my cross; it denies my grace and without my grace, there is no salvation. You must reject your false views about death as I am the Creator of life and the immortality of the soul and at the moment of death, I call home to be with me, all the souls of my true believers. You must embrace my truth regarding the indwelling work of my Holy Spirit which begins at the moment you are born again and you are sealed by Me. You have scorned my rapture throughout your entire brief existence as a church and thus you have chosen not to be included in it. You have altered my truths regarding this Earth's final events, so that your people will not be prepared for my coming and you deceive my Christians with your heretical Sunday laws and mark of the beast deceptions. You teach contempt and condemnation toward my Jews and you claim to have replaced them and call yourselves spiritual Israel. Such thinking led to the tortuous murder of millions of my chosen people; for they will be restored and they, not you, will do my work during the tribulation. There is a judgment of fire for all people who have demeaned my Jews. You have even altered my truth of eternal damnation. I will no longer tolerate these and other of your heresies. You are not my remnant church, or my chosen people; and most of you are not even part of the body of Christ. I want to anoint and empower this church, DO NOT REMAIN A CULT. You must reject these untruths and become a genuine Christian church now; the Adventist Christian Church. You have the potential of becoming a mighty force for my cause, but you have chosen to follow a false prophet who is leading you to your own demise. Harken my words before it is too late.

REPENT! REPENT! REPENT! And follow only me, and I will abundantly bless you; otherwise I will ultimately focus my wrath against this church and its people.

It appears Loma Linda is disclaiming this man's message. However, they do admit he is still "on the books" as a member of their church, and they are not mentioning disfellowship in any way as of yet. Strange? yes it is. If you preach Present Truth or use SOP effectively and with God's approval you get disfellowshipped immediately in the SDA church. But if you preach openly blasphemous messages and start a mass mail campaign worth many thousands of dollars to proclaim your "message from God" you aren't disfellowshipped?


Monday, January 9, 2006

You may have recently received a card in the mail pointing you to a website where, it is claimed, you will hear a message that comes directly from God. This apparently widespread mailing offers the opportunity to listen to a message purportedly delivered to a live audience claiming to shed new light on Adventism and its message. The author and speaker states that he is a member of the Loma Linda University Church and implies that his message was delivered at the University Church with the support of its pastoral leadership

Four responses are necessary.

1) As of this time, Herschel Hughes is on the membership list of the Loma Linda University Church.

2) Currently, pastoral leadership is unaware of any involvement in matters of the local church or of attendance at weekly church services on the part of Herschel Hughes

3) His message comes without the knowledge, consent, support or endorsement of any leadership at the University Church , either lay or pastoral

4) Herschel Hughes has not spoken to any group or in any service or in any capacity at the Loma Linda University Church