Found in General Conference Portfolio

Some will say it is ok to tithe to a corrupt church. They say the "sin is only on the leaders," and not on those that tithe. They say this to keep your tithes flowing. They twist the following quote by saying SOP says you must still tithe to the SDA church...

Yes, Sister White did say, "The Lord will not hold you responsible for it." But reading what she said next proves you STILL have a job to do regarding where you place your tithes. She plainly states the Lord will not hold you responsible "IF" you do all you can to stop the leaders from wasting your tithes. Seeing how there is no longer ANYTHING you can do to correct the evils they now do with the money. Seeing how it has gone far beyond any mans ability to change. To tithe to such a church as this now means you ARE IN SIN! Why? Because YOU KNOW they are corrupt, and YOU KNOW you cannot change it, or "correct the evils" they commit, and yet you STILL tithe to them KNOWING they will waste your tithes! And you KNOW they will waste them because they have placed IN WRITING what they plan and ARE doing with your tithes.