SDA church/hospital terrorizes injured employee

Terrorism, The 7th Day Adventists and Placer County Courthouse 9/11 Connection

by Steve Zeltzer
California Coalition For Workers Memorial Day

The terror campaign to silence injured nurse practitioner Barbara Clark took on another new turn on 9/11/2006 at the Placer County Court House in Auburn, California. The Courthouse is seen by millions of people on their way to Reno when passing Auburn on I80. The courthouse was now the scene of an effort to terrorize her by the illegal use of 8 temporary restraining orders accusing her of threatening the staff of the hospital chain. Nurse practitioner Barbara Clark has been battling almost alone the 7th Day Adventist church, which operates a chain of 20 hospitals, called Adventist Health System West. She was working at the Bakersfield Hospital and was injured while delivering a baby. Instead of taking care of her injury, the Adventists illegally released her personal medical records to the public, caused her to lose her house becoming homeless and also attempting to harm her by nearly running her off the road with a private detective hired by the chain to harass and follow her.

Placer County is also home to Congressman John Doolittle, an accomplice of notorious crook and fixer Jack Abramoff. Doolittle who has supported the Bush agenda to a tee has set up his wife in business as coordinator for Abramoff's parties and lobbying efforts. Doolittle has also been an open tool of the insurance and healthcare industry including the union busting Adventist church empire.

The methods apparently of Doolittle and his wife were certainly carried on in the antics during the 9/11 hearing in the Placer County Courthouse.

The TRO's were actually served on Clark just prior to a hearing of the Department of Insurance Fraud Assessment Commission FAC in Sacramento where Barbara was preparing to testify about the corruption and criminal activity of the Adventist group. That commission which is supposed to regulate the insurance industry and pursue fraud and criminal activity in the industry is run by William Zachry, a risk management executive of Safeway Inc. Zachry, himself was a key figure in helping to deregulate the workers' comp insurance industry to allow the insurance companies to get out of paying for injured workers.
Clark had testified at the hearing that in a criminal conspiracy, the 7th Day Adventist chain had orchestrated and organized a RICO conspiracy to silence her for her efforts to get medical care and compensation for her injury. It appears that the terror tactics by the 7th Day Adventists continue.

Commissioner Margaret Wells conducted the hearing in the Placer County Court House. Wells started the court hearing session by dismissing one TRO after another for failure of the witnesses to appear at the hearing so they could testify under oath about alleged threats that required a judicial restraining order. She also moved some of the requests for TRO零 back to the family court since there were cases pending over divorces and other issues in that court.
As any court observer would know, if TRO's were allowed to be issued and
Continued without an actual appearance of the person making the complaint,
You would have tens of millions of TRO's for every thing in the book. This is why the Commission dismissed other cases where the witnesses did not personally appear under oath to give evidence. When it came however, to the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital chain, the commissioner did not call the people who had signed the TRO orders. Instead she allowed Seventh Day Adventist lawyer Jeff Corzine of Placer County law firm Adams and Corzine to appear for the church witnesses. Joining him and being sworn in but not testifying was 7th Day Adventist hospital chain workers' comp manager Chuck Person.

When the hear for 7th Day Adventist church began, the Commission refused
to dismiss the case despite the fact that there were no witnesses to testify against Nurse Barbara Clark. Instead she allowed Corzine to report hearsay that Barbara had sent letters to the California Bar and other agencies thereby "threatening" the lives of 7th Day Adventist staff. This hearsay evidence was accepted without comment by the commissioner despite the failure to have one shred of evidence that this was a basis for a TRO. Sending letters complaining about judicial misconduct apparently is cause for a TRO in the Placer County Courthouse.
She also asked Barbara Clark why she had not filed a counter restraining order against the 7th Day Adventist Church staff? The fact of the matter, is that Clark does not even know the most of the people who filed complaints against her so how could she file a restraining order.
Corzine also introduced law supposedly showing that you could have a TRO without actually personally threatening any person and was able to get the commissioner to keep the restraining orders for another three days when she would make a final decision on whether to dismiss them or make them permanent. This Commissioner is obviously under serious pressure to bend to the dictates of the Adventist chain but to maintain these illegal TRO's exposes the gross misconduct of not only the 7th Day Adventists but also the Placer County Court system.

Also attending the 9/11 hearing as an "official witness" was injured worker Larry Nign. Nign has also been fighting for over a decade against the State Compensation Insurance Fund for refusing to pay for his injuries and also illegally conspiring to cover-up the illegal efforts to avoid their insurance costs. Corzine also complained that the Barbara Clark web site was being used to "terrorize" the staff of the hospital chain. The fear of the Adventists of Clark and Larry Nign's web site is well placed.
These sites have been extremely powerful in breaking the information blockade by most of the corporate media. These sites are receiving tens of thousands of hits from the Department of Insurance, the 7th Day Adventists and DA's throughout the state. Despite the growing evidence of systematic crimes and cover-ups by the 7th Day Adventist chain, there has been no major media story on this battle.

Behind the Cover-ups

What has transpired as a result of the deregulation of the insurance industry in California and nationally is a massive billion dollar cost shifting ponzi scheme where insurance companies and self-insured employers like 7th Day Adventists are avoiding billions of dollars of medical costs by forcing injured workers to go to California disability insurance, public hospitals or SSI to get their dire medical care taken care of. At a recent hearing of the California Commission on Health and Safety and Workers Compensation, a new study for the first quarter of this year reported a 40% to 50% increase in Disability Insurance Claims and a similar drop in Workers' Comp claims. Injured workers are now being forced to go to public hospitals, State Disability Insurance and SSI in order to get their medical costs covered due to the cost shifting by the insurance industry.
Even the state run State Compensation Insurance Fund is part of the growing scandal.

Assemblywoman Jackie Spier has been engaged in a long time battle with SCIF for refusing to allow an audit of their expenses and operating costs. The fund managers which is supposed to be regulated state of California Department of Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on consultants and other "expenses" while denying thousands of injured workers their medical costs.

In fact that one of the reasons they spent over $125,000 for a PR firm to fight the audit bill by Assemblywoman Spiers that would have exposed the corruption. They have over 125 "consultants" on the staff and many are paid $1000 a day for their work and have been on the payroll for years.

Deregulation the Cause

This conspiracy to shift costs to the public is a systemic result of the deregulation of the industry and the lawlessness of the insurance industry is a direct result as well of the deregulation.
This is exactly the situation in Barbara Clark零 case. After 12 years of pain and suffering, she was able to get Medicare to pay for the injuries she sustained on the job from 7th Day Adventist hospital in Bakersfield. This Wal-Martization of the insurance industry also plays a key role in Congressman's John Doolittle's operation in Placer County. In fact it is no accident that the 7th Day Adventists have their headquarters in Dolittle零 district in Roseville, California. Doolittle has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from the same insurance companies and employers that are engaged in this RICO scheme and his cover-up of the cost shifting is part and parcel of his role in Congress.

SCIF has also been charged by California Assemblywoman Jackie Spier with refusing to allow an audit of their expenses and operating costs. The fund managers which is run by the state of California have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on consultants and other "expenses" while denying thousands of injured workers their medical costs. In fact it is alleged that one of the reasons they spent over $125,000 for a PR firm to fight the audit bill by Assemblywoman Spiers is that they have over 125 "consultants" on the staff and many are paid $1000 a day for their work and have been on the payroll for years.

The growing corruption crisis and the failure to crack down on this corporate criminal activity by the California Department of Insurance, the Department of Industrial Relations which regulates the self insured employers and the Attorney General of California along with the governor is only encouraging more terrorism and criminal activity by the insurance industry. Barbara Clark has personally sought action from all these agencies and politicians and has yet to seen someone come to her aid.

The case of Barbara Clark and her continuing battle against the 7th Day Adventist chain is in fact a vivid example of the nature of the beast.

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