Jan Paulsen (SDA President) encourages SDA youth to take part in "clean" politics

This is directly opposite of what Ellen White said about this, from the mouth of the highest man of the SDA church...

Seventh Day Adventist boss advises leaders

Sunday, 27th August, 2006 E-mail article Print article
By Apollo Mubiru

THE leader of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in the world, Pastor Jan Paulsen, has called for clean politics among members of the church.

“Adventists can take part in politics of their countries. Why not? We have faithful Adventists who hold important high government offices but they should make sure that they are not corrupted,” he said.

Paulsen was on Tuesday interacting with Adventist youth from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo who asked him questions relating to the youth ministry in the church.

He said Adventist youth should live an exemplary life so that church leaders allow them take part in the church ministry.

He appealed to the youth to abstain from sex before marriage, emphasising that sexual relationships belong to the married people.