What's an Esdeeay (SDA)?

The name Seventh-day Adventist indicates two doctrines that set the Church apart from other Protestant denominations, even though the Church shares most doctrines in common with mainstream Christianity.

"Seventh-day" indicates the Church's belief that Sabbath (Saturday) is the seventh day of the week, and God should be especially honoured and worshipped on that day.

"Adventist" indicates the Church's belief that Jesus is coming soon again.

Some people incorrectly abbreviate the Church's name as SDA. In the past, that was an acceptable abbreviation. Today, those initials are not the preferred abbreviation of the Church's name. The single word "Adventist" is the preferred abbreviation for our Church.

Three important reasons why "Adventist" is a better abbreviation for the Church's name:

For these reasons, the Adventist Church asks that everyone use the single word "Adventist" as the only appropriate abbreviation of our Church's name.

We appreciate your continued concern and writing about the Adventist Church. Thank you for understanding and correcting your usage in future writings about the Adventist Church.

Usage Guidelines