Walla Walla SDA Collegue Praises Pope John Paul II as a "good example"

Perhaps we, too, can gain by looking to Pope John Paul II as a good example of what it means to be a Christian. I find it ironic that we criticize Catholics for looking to one man who they consider appointed by God to be a leader in their church. Do we not do the same with Ellen White? Were they not both godly individuals [Ellen White and John Paul II] whom God used in a powerful way to lead His people [Adventists and Catholics] through hard times? I imagine if they met each other and looked back at their respective churches, they might both shake their heads and say with a sigh, 'Oh, those rowdy kids.' May we live in such a manner as to meet them both someday." - The Collegian (A student weekly newspaper of Walla Walla College), April 14, 2005

NOTE: In the actual Newspaper it states "Alden Thompson" was the author of the above paragraph. Truth is, that is not the case here. The above paragraph is part of a larger article where Alden Thompson was in fact quoted, but Alden Thomspon called this ministry and made it clear that a Student writing the Newspaper wrote the above paragraph and the "footnotes" pointing out his comments (as well as others) were misplaced in such a way that made it appear as if Alden Thompson wrote the above paragraph.