Adventist Health System role in the largest Medicaid / Medicare Fraud Case in History

News Released: July 03, 2005

PRLEAP.COM) The Adventist Health System [East & West], owned and controlled by the Seventh-day Adventist Church (AH), is potentially facing bankruptcy for the role of its Hospitals in the largest Medicaid / Medicare Fraud Case in History. Adventist Health Hospitals from Hawaii to Florida have been participating in massive Federal Funding Fraud involving the States they operate in and the fraud amounts to Hundreds of Billions of Dollars. The criminal enterprise has two levels, one that goes back to 1974, and, a second one that goes back to 1999. TMA International Trusts (TMAIT) has the evidence as the federal legal standing to recover the funds.

The two fraudulent schemes together create for AH joint & several, statutory liability [excluding penalties & fines] that exceeds Two Trillion Dollars ($2,000,000,000,000.00) in the States where they operate Hospitals. Due to the fact that the States have legal immunity under the Federal Recovery Statutes, AH will certainly not be able to meet its portion of the liability if sued, which can get all the way to the Church and Church assets.

TMAIT attempted to speak with Church leader Jan Paulsen but he did not return any calls. It appears that AH feels they are above the law. They will soon find out that even The Church is not above the law when it comes to Federal Funding Fraud. On top of the Fraud associated with Medicaid & Medicare the AH Hospitals have been committing thousands of federal felonies associated with violating “Patient Rights.” TMAIT is the “Private Attorney General” or “Relator” in charge of recovery and they hate to put a Church into bankruptcy, however, “this is a serious fraud and cannot be tolerated,” said a TMAIT spokesperson.

TMAIT regrets the situation as it relates to Church Members as they have nothing to do with the problem. It is a management problem that stems from reckless and negligent conduct on the part of Hospital Management.

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