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Changes Ahead for Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
Derbyshire, England .... [ANN Staff]
The Seventh-day Adventist Church was one of more than 40 denominations
that met recently at the triennial Churches Together in Britain and
Ireland (CTBI) Assembly in Derbyshire, England. Some 300 delegates from
across the four nations of Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England
attended the event, entitled "Pilgrims Progress?".

For nearly 18 years the group has encouraged these churches to work
together where possible, while maintaining their own identity. At the
meeting it was decided that the size and frequency of the assemblies
will be reduced. Final decisions will not be made until next year, but
the way the Seventh-day Adventist Church relates to the CTBI may change
somewhat, according to Pastor John Surridge, communication director for
the Adventist Church in Britain. Adventists are currently associate
members of CTBI, effectively, observers, but in the future they may
relate only to the national bodies.

"We can certainly learn a great deal about, and from, our fellow
Christians in other denominations," said Pastor Cecil Perry, president
of the church in Britain. "And I believe that we have a lot to offer
them from our own theological and historical perspective. Already the
family ministries team at the [church in] South England works together
with Churches Together in England in producing Christian family
resources, and it would be good if we could expand on that good
example." However, he added, "It is important that we retain our own
distinctive doctrines and are not sidetracked from our unique
eschatological emphases." Source:
Adventist News Network"