GCSDA Corruption #60

SDA Hymnal Is Catholic ?


Well, I remember my surprise to see in an SDA hymnal YE WATCHERS AND YE HOLY ONES (text by Athelstan Riley, I believe.)Anyway, there is a stanza that goes like this:

O higher than the Cherubim,
More glorious than the Seraphim,
Lead their praises, Alleluia.
Thou bearer of the Eternal Word,
Most gracious. magnify the Lord. Alleluia, alleluia, alleulia.

This is a pure invocation of the Virgin Mary from the Orthodox church:

"More honorable than the cerubim, and more glorious beyond compare than the seraphim, who without corruption gave birth to the Word of God, and are truly Theotokos [she-who-gave-birth-to God], we magnify you."

And it's used as a refrain on the Magnificiat. (See Luke 1)

I remember my surprise to see that Marian devotion was approved of by SDA. Or maybe the committee didn't know the meaning of words.

A) They used the word EASTER on page 778 they say Easter (see Jesus Christ: Ressurrection and Asension they equate easter with the Ressurection and Ascension my Bible says that the one time easter appears in the bible it represents the Passover, easter originated with the catholic church look up the word easter in the dictionary)

B) Reading no: 739 : Christ's priesthood going on now they have him STANDING IN THE HOLY PLACE please note: my bible says he is in the MOST HOLY PLACE.

C) Trinity is used on page 709 and 788 the word " Trinity" is not in the BIBLE or Spirit of Prophecy. We will also show that Trinity word is a catholic doctrine....

D) I was a Catholic for 18 years and we had Corporate Reading where the whole congregation says what ever the priest says to read or say out of the book. Today SDA's are doing the same thing called Corparate Reading, made me feel like i was in a Catholic church again and i had hoped I had left that error.

E) Song page 402 second verse singing "His broken body in our stead Is here, in this memorial bread; And so our feeble love is fed, Until He come." Fourth verse singing: "And thus that dark betrayal night, With the last advent we unite The shame, the glory, by this Rite, Until He come." (if you have ever been a Catholic you would recognise this as a Catholic song "REQUIEM MASS to the DEAD! the word RITE is a dead give away. MEMORIAL BREAD -EUCHARIST- MASS to the DEAD)

F) Song page 403 first verse "Let us break bread together on our knees Let us break bread together on our knees When I fall on my knees , With my face to the rising SUN, O Lord, have mercy on me... repeat same verse again...... (SUNWORSHIP)

G) Song page 3 second verse "Come abide within me; Let my soul, like MARY, be Thine earthly sanctuary. Come in-dwelling Spirit, With transfigured splendor; Love and honor will I render. Where I go here below, Let me bow before Thee, Know Thee and adore Thee"...(WORSHIPPING MARY - Let my soul like MARY.)


I) ALPHABETICAL INDEX OF TUNES (St = Saint) on page 818
St. Agnes 241, 269, 655
St. Anne 103
St. Botolph 585
St. Bride 519
St. Catherine 304
St. Christopher 303
St. Chrysotom 291
St. Clement 56
St. Columba 639
St. Denio 21
St. Edmund 582
St. George's Bolton 40
St. George's Windsor 557
St. Gertrude 612
St. Hilda 283
St. Kevin 169
St. Leonard 646
St. Magnus 19,199
St. Margaret 76
St. Peter 238, 587
St. Theodulph 230
St. Thomas (Wade) 211
St. Thomas (Williams Psalter) 344, 372


I have just been told depending on which book the SDA church has provided you:

Go to Hymn No. 73 in the New Adventist Hymnal. If you had been an Anglican, or a Catholic, or Baptist before you became a Seventh-day Adventist, you may remember the Hymn "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty". The last line in the first verse of the old Adventist Hymnal says "God, over all, who rules eternity". Now if you had come to the Adventist Church from one of the other churches, you may have been a bit puzzled by that line because you wouldn't have remembered singing it that way in your previous church. You would remember the song as saying "God in three persons, Blessed Trinity".

When the early Adventists included this song in the Christ In Song they changed that last line, because it was wrong according to Adventist beliefs. They changed it to read "God, over all, who rules eternity." This song was transferred from the Christ In Song to the Church Hymnal that we were using until recently, and it had the same wording for that last line. But if you look in the present Church Hymnal, you will see that they have changed it and put back in the trinitarian rendering of that verse: "God in three persons, blessed Trinity".

Somebody now feels that the S.D.A. people have been brainwashed long enough and it is now safe to put in the Babylonian rendition of this verse.

{There may be much more that I did not yet catch up to. check for yourself !}

Rick Love