GCSDA Corruption #51

Baby Sinners - SDA Church Teaches Original Sin Doctrine

NAD Book Issues, P. 118

"If a baby dies a few days or hours after birth, it is still subject to the second death - the condemnation death - even though it has never broken any commandments."

First Quarter, 1982, Senior Sabbath School Quarterly, for January 23, 1983, P 35

"We are born sinners."

Yuk! The suffix "er" in Webster's states that what ever it is added to, makes a person aparticipator in that word: example swim - and er and you have one who participates in swimming. Jump + er - one who joins in at jumping. Etc etc.

Sin + er - a person who participates in sinning.

It Is Written: Patriarchs and Prophets, P. 306
"It is inevitable that children should suffer from the consequences of parental wrong-doing, but they are not punished for the parents' guilt, except as they participate in their sins."

"In Adam" means - when we come to the age of accountability [EGW - about 6 or 7 years old] and we make the decision to do what Adam did, go contrary to the known will of God, we sin and that is what "in Adam" means.

We are not guilty of Adam's personal sins, that would be a horrid injustice of God.

It Is Written: Isaiah 59:2
"But YOUR iniquities [not Adam's] have separated between you and your God, and YOUR SINS have hid His face from you, that He will not hear."

This is not addressed to babies - period ! ! ! !

Baby Sinners - An impossibility - The only definition of sin is the transgression of the Law. $100 is yours if you can point out to me one commandment a baby can violate at birth.

Baby Sinners - Norman Gulley, Review, Jan. 25, 1990, P. 13
"If a baby dies a few hours or days after birth, it is still subject to the second death - the condemnation death - even though it has never broken any commandment."

We now see were it came from. And that is what Ken Cox taught this last week at his Seminar here in Roseburg, Oregon.

Baby sinners, who would die the second death if they were not baptized. AND to keep from having to baptize babies, who have died before the age of accountability,he teaches Christ was baptized for them. Also, for those like soldiers who die on the battle field and have not been baptized. This is the Mormon Doctrine of living persons being baptized for the dead.

Ok - Old boy or old girl - don't try to pull on me that old mis-interpreted - a baby coming from the womb of its mother speaking lies. Who has ever heard a baby speak one word at birth ??? Let alone telling lies????

Answer: Isaiah 48:8 "......for I knew that thou wouldest deal very treacherously, and was called a transgressor from the womb.

That fits every one of us, for we were born with a tendency to sin, but that is not sin till we come to the age of accountability and choose to follow that tendency. Potential sinners at birth, but not sinners at birth. Period!

Our High Calling, P. 30
"The cause of God needs men and women who will stand on the platform of truth without wavering, and who will hold the banner of truth firmily aloft, so that no man [or woman] can fail to see on which side they are standing. Their position is to be clearly defined."