Adventist School hold a Dance for the Students


By Yvette J. Norcott

Ministry Magazine, Oct 2000

We may have a dance at our Adventist school! We have voted in our faculty meeting to send a proposal to our school boards to allow our students to plan a supervised dance. Perhaps this will shock many who have been brought up to believe that dance is wrong.It is easy and so human to jump into criticizing the decision of a neighboring school or church. As human beings we are constantly changing, desirous of progress, yet we are creatures of habit and tradition.Again, whether we like it or not our world, and thus to some extent our Church, is changing before our eyes. Although change is frightening we must find just and helpful ways to relating to it.

-For what the Testimony of Jesus has to say about dance. See this... p707; 1T404, 490, 514, 505,506, AH 516, & 5 MR 341.