Fire Came Down on the SDA Church From God

Watch the dates: November, 1901, 8 T 90, 91

"I have received a letter from elder Daniels regarding the addition of another building to the Review and Herald office. The answer I make to this is: NO, NO, NO. Instead of making any addition to the building already erected, CLEANSE THE OFFICE OF THE TRASH OF SATANIC ORIGIN, and you will gain room in every way . . .

I feel a terror of soul as I see to what a pass our publishing house has come. The presses in the Lord's institution have been printing the SOUL-DESTROYING THEORIES OF ROMANISM AND OTHER MYSTERIES OF INIQUITIES...."

"God will not hold guiltless those who have done this thing. HE HAS A CONTROVERSY with the managers of the publishing house. I HAVE BEEN ALMOST AFRAID TO OPEN THE REVIEW, FEARING TO SEE THAT GOD HAS CLEANSED THE PUBLISHING HOUSE BY FIRE."

Please note that was November, 1901

8 T 97, St. Helena, Calif. January 5, 1903 "Today I received a letter from elder Daniels regarding the destruction of the review office BY FIRE. I feel very sad as I consider the great loss to the cause. I know that this must be a very trying time for the brethren in charge of the work and for the employees of the office. I am afflicted with all who are afflicted. BUT I WAS NOT SURPRISED by the sad news, for the visions of the night I HAVE SEEN AN ANGEL STANDING WITH A SWORD AS OF FIRE STRETCHED OVER BATTLE CREEK. Once, in the daytime, while my pens was in my hand, I lost consciousness, and IT SEEMED AS IF THIS SWORD OF FLAME WERE TURNING FIRST IN ONE DIRECTION AND THEN IN ANOTHER. Disaster seemed to follow disaster because God was dishonored by the devising of men to exalt and glorify themselves....."


"It seemed as if this sword were turning first in one direction and then in another. Disaster seemed to follow disaster because God was dishonored..."