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Serbia: Adventist Church President Meets Orthodox, Roman Catholic
Belgrade, Serbia .... [Miroslav Pujic/ANN Staff]
Meeting with church members in Belgrade, Serbia, Jan Paulsen, president
of the Seventh-day Adventist world church, made an appeal that
Adventists continue to be actively involved in the mission of bringing
the gospel to all people.

Everyone is invited by God to serve in His mission, Paulsen emphasized.

During his pastoral visit to a part of the world where the church is
seeing membership growth, Paulsen met with two key religious leaders,
stressing mutual respect and recognition between communions.

In a visit to Serbian Patriarch Pavle, head of the Serbian Orthodox
Church, Paulsen heard the patriarch underline the historic past of the
Serbian people, and his concern that Orthodox churches in Kosovo are
destroyed with little hope of being rebuilt.

Mutual respect must continue between the Adventist Church and the
Orthodox Church in Serbia in order to protect religious liberty,
Paulsen said. The conversation between the two leaders was informal,
amicable and cordial, and covered brief exchanges on world affairs and
also the Adventist position on health.

Paulsen also visited Stanislav Hocevar, Roman Catholic archbishop of
Belgrade. The prelate's numerous questions about the faith and theology
of the Seventh-day Adventist Church gave Paulsen an in-depth
opportunity to explain the church's understanding of Bible teachings.

"Many people came to meet the world church president," said Radisa
Antic, president of the church's South-East European region. "Our
believers especially appreciated Pastor Paulsen's focus on church unity
and developments in the world church. They went home enriched," Antic

Other areas that Paulsen visited included Novi Sad, where he addres sed
a large group of church members in the newly inaugurated church, as
well as Athens, Greece, and Paphos, Cyprus, where he addressed the
opening session of the "Building Bridges of Understanding" conference
on Adventist-Muslim relations. [See ANN report, March 4, 2003]
--Source: Adventist News Network