April 29, 2003 Silver Spring, Maryland, United States .... [ANN Staff]

Adventist Pastor Preaches in German Mosque

Hamburg, Germany...[Martin Haase/ANN] Following strenuous public relations efforts to open a friendly dialogue between Muslims and Christians, Sylvain Romain, a Seventh-day Adventist pastor, preached in a Turkish mosque in Hamburg, Germany, April 25.

The local imam insisted that the sermon should take place during the main prayer time at noon on Friday, and should be preached from the Bible.

In front of about 250 Muslim believers, Pastor Romain presented the subject of suffering and why God lets it happen.

After the sermon, he was interviewed by Zaman, the largest religious Turkish newspaper, and by other reporters. Representatives of the Turkish Consulate were also present. Several requests were made for other meetings.

More than 10 percent of Hamburg's 1.7 million inhabitants are Muslim. Romain, a French citizen, is currently senior pastor of three German churches as well as a Yugoslav and a Ghanaian church. He has 26 years of experience working with Muslims and is fluent in several languages. He held the sermon in Turkish and prayed in Arabic. ” --Source: Adventist News Network