Seventh-day Adventist Church abandons claim
The Seventh-day Adventist Church abandoned the search for the 'evidence' after years of searching. However, some minority groups within the church still hold on to the belief that such a tiara with such a title existed. The search was resurrected by a minority of individual members when a member of the Church reproduced the original Our Sunday Visitor article, the article itself being treated as evidence that efforts of the Roman Catholic Church to 'suppress' the truth had failed. (Because the magazine's claim was being used by anti-Catholic campaigners in the United States as proof that the pope was the antichrist, the magazine removed that particular issue from its archives, leading to further accusations of a Catholic conspiracy to suppress the 'truth'.) Though no other evidence apart from one article in one magazine in 1914, repeated in 1915, which subsequently stated twice that it had got its facts wrong, has ever been produced, and photographic evidence disproves claims about the 1939 papal coronation using a tiara with the words emblazoned on it, some groups, both within and outside of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, continue trying to prove both existence of such a papal title and of a tiara bearing the title.

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