Amazing Facts Caught 501c3 Deception


Check out the three pics below. The two on the left are screenshots of "Amazing Facts" 501c3 Government Data page. On the right is the Amazing Facts ministries official "contact  us" page showing their home address. Notice something strange? It kind of looks like the government is now helping them hide the fact they are a government agency. Could it be the numerous statements I made online and off as well as in videos about the prophetic facts on this has caused them to seek Rome's help in trying to cover their tracts like Rome always does for their friends? But, as Rome usually does, they are very inept at picking up every crumb.

What I mean is.. The first 501c3 page for "Amazing Facts Ministries" was renamed as an "Underwriting Municple Insurance" agency and the second was renamed "Amazing Facts Title Holding Company" instead of a Christian ministry as it claims to be. But look at the Address on both pics! Click the pics to zoom in if you have to. They are the exact same addres on all three sites! Which is, 1203 W Sunset Blvd!

Also scroll down on either of the two 501c3 pics on the left to section 10 to the "Foundation Code" and you see they are still listed as a "Church 170 (b)1(1)A(i)" incorporation! So how is it possible that it's not Doug Bachelor's ministry, which by the way did not become his ministry until after Joe Crews died. Crews died on October 06, 1994 and just under two years later Doug Bachelor joined Amazing Facts with the United States Government. To confirm, notice the date under the first line on the "Amazing Facts Inc" pic on the left. It shows the date in big bold letters as, 06-17-96.

Amazing Facts 501c3 government data page #1 Amazing Facts 501c3 government data page #2 Amazing Facts Official Website (contact us page)

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Something's a bit fishy don't you think?

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