Cover of the Seventh-Day Adventist Bible Commentary Vol 7A Published in 1957 by Review & Herald

  1. Notice the Pagan COPTIC CROSS embossed on the cover
  2. Image #2 I highlighted the Coptic cross for those with weaker computer monitors
  3. Image #3 is what's referred to as the "CROSS POTENT" note the data on that cross
  4. Image #4 is the COPTIC CROSS used for the Pagan New Year (Notice swastikas!)
  5. Image #5 is the Greek Orthodox Version
  6. Image #6 Ethiopian Priest using COPTIC CROSS in procession



 Crosses like these are often associated with sky and or Pagan sun gods. The Cross Potent is a symbol adopted from ancient Mesapotamia. The cross potent with a circle was used as the sign for the Assyrian heaven-god, Anu. This cross is also called the Windlass, a term linked with it from back in the Middle Ages.


This "coptic cross" is associated with the coptic new year (nayrouz) which is celebrated on a Sunday in early September during the Roman Catholic liturgy. NOTICE THE SWASTIKA in each corner of the center cross! (Highlighted in yellow)


Greek Orthodox Version


Ethiopian Priest using COPTIC CROSS in procession

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