Below is a letter received by myself (Nicholas) from Tim Lass Programming Manager of 3ABN.
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Hello Brother,
Back in April this year your ministry posted a video on YouTube that displayed a portion of Dwight Nelson’s program, “New Perceptions”. Namely, an episode that showed him preaching that the Allah of Islam is the same as the God of the Christians.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b-6PS8J528 This is a position that 3ABN does not condone.
3ABN carefully screens all programs prior to broadcast; to ensure that all teachings are in accordance with scripture and Spirit of Prophecy writings. That said, there have been a few rare instances of programs that have slipped through accidentally without being reviewed, and unfortunately, this was one of them.
We have received a fair number of complaints from viewers over the last few months. Such as the following:

From Mel on 9/5/11:

“I watch 3ABN and was told that every sermon is audited or reviewed before it is aired so ensure that the message corresponds with SDA beliefs, Bible and EGW. That is why I do not understand why following sermon was aired last year. A lot of people are talking about this, the message on this 3ABN program are so disturbing and contrary to SDA that I wonder why it was aired and why nothing has been done about it and why the pastor is still allowed to be on air?”

I responded to this viewer:

Hello Mel,

We apologize for this program airing, but no system that involves human input is perfect, and that was the case here. This program with Dwight Nelson did indeed air by mistake. It unfortunately slipped through the cracks of our review and scheduling system, which is a rarity. And it has not aired on 3ABN since Dec. 20, 2010. And it won’t air again either, since it does not reflect 3ABN’s position on this subject.
As for Dwight Nelson, or any speaker on 3ABN, we do not necessarily throw the baby out with the bathwater. Some of the speakers featured on 3ABN have said things on occasion that our pastoral dept. has found do not reflect the position of scripture or Spirit of Prophecy writings, and those individual programs are flagged in the review process and not allowed to air; but the speaker’s other programs may remain. If a particular speaker has several such programs, then we have cause to doubt that speaker’s fundamental belief system, and will pull all of that speaker’s programs from the air. But this is all determined ahead of time during the review process. It is extremely rare that we find the need to pull an entire speaker’s series after it has begun airing.
We take seriously our original mandate at the founding of 3ABN; to proclaim the undiluted 3 angels messages to a lost and dying world. And we plan to continue to this end to the best of our ability; being the imperfect vessels we are.

May God richly bless you my friend, and again, we apologize for the slip. We will endeavor to be more vigilant in the future.”

That same viewer responded:

“Hi Mr. Tim Lass,
Many thanks for your reply. I truly appreciate it, and I am happy you will keep an eye on Mr. Dwight Nelson. Especially because it has also come to my attention that he may actually be a Jesuit... (I cannot know for certain, but several have made comments like this... From my research, the Catholic Church sends Jesuits to every denomination and faith and organization, to "be a protestant among the protestants..." in accordance with their oath, and then eventually slowly undermine the church’s beliefs and once in a leadership position to endeavor to change the beliefs...).”

So my friend, there was no conspiracy at 3ABN to air this program “accidentally”. It was truly an honest accident and we have no plans to repeat it. And have taken steps to ensure that it doesn’t ever air again.

What we are asking is that you re-edit your YouTube video and captions to remove all references to 3ABN. The original production was not created by 3ABN of course, so if you wish to keep the video online as a testimony against Pioneer Memorial Church or the SDA church leadership, then that is your business. But as the video stands now, it appears to make 3ABN look as though we condone Pastor Nelson’s teaching on this subject, which we certainly do not.

May God richly bless you, and thank you for understanding.

Tim Lass
Programming Manager

As of February 2012 I have yet to see or hear of a retraction on 3ABN regarding Dwight Nelson's sermon claiming Allah is God. Until I see such a retraction how can I possibly believe 3ABN does not condone Dwight Nelson's statements?  

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